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Warrants preventing license renewal?
If you can’t renew your driver’s license due to old Massachusetts warrants or other unresolved Massachusetts legal issues, please call me. I can help.

For Prospective Clients

“The horrible thing about all legal officials, even the best, about all judges, magistrates, barristers, detectives, and policemen, is not that they are wicked (some of them are good), not that they are stupid (several of them are quite intelligent), it is simply that they have got used to it. Strictly they do not see the prisoner in the dock; all they see is the usual man in the usual place. They do not see the awful court of judgment; they only see their own workshop.”
— G.K. Chesterton, “The Twelve Men” from On Tremendous Trifles

Getting arrested and charged with a crime is a stressful, frightening, and sometimes inhumane experience.  You are now subject to a legal system that does not “see the prisoner in the dock” and does not care a whit about who you are, your individual circumstances, or how your charges will impact your life, family, and work.

You feel scared and violated. Your life has suddenly gone uncharted and strange.  You may also feel angry, anxious, physically sick, distracted, and constantly stressed.  You may experience difficulties sleeping and eating, be unable to enjoy simple pleasures, or find yourself uncharacteristically afraid to leave home.  You may fear losing your job, your driver’s license, or your liberty.  You are distressed over how that will affect your future and your family.

My name is Karen A. Michalson, and I have successfully represented people charged with OUIs and other criminal matters in southern Worcester County since 2007.  My entire practice is devoted to criminal defense.

If you are reading this page while searching for a criminal defense attorney, please know that I understand the emotions you are experiencing, and that I will listen to you with compassion and understanding.  I will keep everything you tell me in strict confidence.  I will take the time to thoroughly evaluate your matter, and I will advise you as to the best course of action to take.  I will treat you with dignity, as an individual with unique concerns and problems that may be affected by your charges.  I will clearly communicate to you the status of your case at all stages of what can sometimes be a complex and overwhelming criminal process.  I will fight for your rights.

I have successfully represented many people in southern Worcester County, people just like you, who have had to go through the personal horror and life-altering experience of being charged with a criminal offense.   I have litigated hundreds of criminal matters, and I will give you an honest, clear assessment of all of your legal options.  My goal is to get you the best possible resolution for your matter, whether that means going to trial, getting a dismissal, or negotiating a plea agreement.

If you are facing criminal charges in Massachusetts, please call me at (508) 461-6241 to set up a free initial consultation.  If I do not answer I am probably in court.  Please leave a message and I will personally return your call within 24 hours, usually sooner.